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1.   Grandy and Baa      2. Bettsy Kingston   3.  My Little Ferrets   4.   Thula Thula



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Oh dear, I have discovered another delightful store selling dolls, and how lovely are these raggidy rag dolls?  I think I could easily get an addiction to these types of dolls.  Maybe I could kick the man of the houses signed football and other gaff out of our display cabinent and fill it up with cute dolls?



As well as these super cute dolls, you will also find some gorgeous t-shirts featuring the doll designs.


Check out Raggidy Rag Dolls for some more lovely creations.

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How cool are these paper chains, certainly a world away from the daggy ones I made as a child.

Paperklip Design is a small Australian company creating beautiful things from paper. Based on the concept of Danish paper-cutting, they specialise in decorative paper chains for children’s rooms, gift tags, traditional paper Christmas decorations and custom shop signage.

Each piece is hand-cut and the paper hand selected from a delightful range of decorative papers.

For some gorgeous decorating ideas I recommend giving Paperklip Design a visit.  On their site you can find a page of stockists.


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In celebration of Australia Day, here are a few handmade finds that are very “Australian”


1.   Kurrajong Aboriginal Products Aboriginal Elder Doll

2.  Ollie Rose Kangaroo Onesie

3.   Urchin Designs Boy Thong Shirt

4.  Ponz Handknitted Koala Bears

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 1.   Please Eloise      2.  Little Babushkas      3.  Vintage Vibes        4.  Vintage Chenille

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Tonight I decided to indulge in a glass of wine and so that is my inspiration for my blog post.  I am not sure what happened, but since having my first baby my hormones went crazy and I really struggled to enjoy a glass of wine without a massive headache following, it would only take a few sips for the effects to happen with many.  And so I discovered organic wine. 

I came across Settlers Ridge many years ago when we were on a holiday in the fabulous Margaret River region in WA and we drove past the store in a little town and I made the man of the house come to a screeching halt and turn around so I could go back and sample organic wine (we had the same incident when we passed the cheese factory, oh and the chocolate factory, lolly shop – you get the picture).

Organic and non preservative free wine means I can enjoy a glass without a blinding headache and so hence are are some things red and white in celebration of wine.


1 Little Ray       2  Pedrosprout     3  Siiri         4  Angel Lea Designs

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There are a few things that I simply cannot resist for children, I am not sure what it is about them, but I am instantly drawn to beautiful pj’s, sweet shoes and beautiful bed linen. 

Tonight I have came across this particular set and  I had an ohhhh I need another baby so I can have that moment.


This set is by Tiny and Little a store on Etsy devoted to bedding and accessories for those little ones in our life.  There is a lovely variety available of quilts and plush blankets in designs far from the boring pastels or licenced character prints of chain stores.

I honestly don’t think I have the strength to resist it,  as it is on sale as well, so nobody go and buy it before I manage to talk myself into it. 

So another one to add to the list when planning your nursery is Tiny & Little.

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