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In celebration of Australia Day, here are a few handmade finds that are very “Australian”


1.   Kurrajong Aboriginal Products Aboriginal Elder Doll

2.  Ollie Rose Kangaroo Onesie

3.   Urchin Designs Boy Thong Shirt

4.  Ponz Handknitted Koala Bears


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 Kuti Babies is a new online store that specialises in making the very cute Kuticoons.    Kuticoons are the creation of two mums, Tina & Kristi and they are a fantastic alternative to a traditional wrap.

Hmm I wonder, do they come in adult sizes they look so snuggly?

I recently spent 5 minutes chatting to Tina and here is what she had to say:

What inspired you to start your business?

When having our babies at the hospital we put our brand them in the cocoon and various Doctors, midwives and visitors commented saying how it was a fabulous idea.  A  few months after having a babies and finding we were still getting comments out and about and the fact our babies were still using them,  we thought we should do something about that and thus we started Kuti Babies.  We both love making them so it was a natural choice for us!
What was your first sale?
Our first sale was through Ebay.  We thought we would test the waters and we were really happy to find that people actually buy them. We also received some brilliant feedback on the cocoon .  We were so happy! 
What is your biggest seller?
The Cocoons are our best item, they are unique, practicle, comfy and fashionable!
What item couldn’t you live without?
These days it would be my sewing machine and my knitting tools for the cocoons.  This is how I relax at night, making these beautiful cocoons, I love seeing the end product.
What is on your christmas wish list this year? 
All I want this year is to see my children happy and healthy!… maybe a few scrapbooking items kicked in would also do the trick! 🙂

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Besides getting an early start on my Christmas shopping, I am one of those people that loathe anything to do with Christmas until December.  In the newsagents the other day I saw the cover of Better Homes & Gardens Magazine and felt a little decorating pang.



I always buy these magazines, thinking ohhhh I can make that.  I came across the very cute colour Christmas wreath and thought yeah that would be cool, read the instructions, found out I need to cut out at least 40 odd butterflies and my interest was lost at that point.  I love handmade items, just not those made by me 🙂

So this year why not give a gift that is truly unique and choose a handmade one.  If you are clever unlike me, why not something you have made, or how about something by someone else who is clever.

Here are few of my favourite picks to pop under the tree this year at Christmas just to get your started.


brick-taggy redwagonblocks  two-little-banshees 1 Ollie Rose Taggy Giraffe   2  Red Wagon Wooden Blocks    3 Two Little Banshees Wombat



julie-ramsdensiri    bookmark


Julie Ramsden Soft Bot   2  Siri Hairclips  3  Crackers Art Bookmark


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This week I have come across some fantastic items, so keep an eye out over the next fews, but here is a quick look at some of my favourites:


1. Pedrosprout    2. Heart on your Sleeve   3. Little Brown Mouse

4.  Isoki 5.  Dan300  6. La la Baby  7. La la baby  8.  Little Brown Mouse

9. Ollie Rose 

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Do you make quality items for children?  How would you like to have some of your goodies featured on my blog?

As I don’t have quite so much time as I would like to scour the big wide world web looking for great finds, I am asking you to come to me.

So send me a good quality pic of a great funky item together with details and let me feature you.  I can even include a store banner and logo on the site.  The only condition, they must be made by you and relevant to kiddies!

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To get the ball rolling, I would like to introduce you to Knitspirations .  These booties are fantastic, and as the owner of a couple of pairs, I can definately recommend them.  You can find some of Jen’s booties on WAHmania.

How snuggly does this scarf look?  By Etsy seller Artish it is definately a unique little scarf, it even has little “hello kitty” beads knitted into it.

Shazza from Shazza’s Knits also does some great works and I found this flapper style hat on Made It , a great place to buy handmade Australian items.





Here is a selection of more knitted goodies, all found on Made It which is a treasure trove for these goodies.

Left to Right – Pompomfrieda Booties, Sheeps Clothing Beanie, Tilly the Pig by Mydogzac, Belkemp Knitted Pinafores

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