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I am very pleased to announce that I found a lovely Australian apron store Wonderland Avenue on Etsy and have on it’s way this very cute number. 

Now my days of going to school with flower handprints on my pants are limited.



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Over the past week or so I have gotten back into baking and as such each day I tend to go up to school with flour on the back of my jeans and all manner of bits and blobs stuck to my shirt (yes I am usually running late so tend to forget to check my appearance before leaving the house).

I think it is about time I got myself an apron, so I can avoid those floury hand prints on my backside.

I tried googling, but so far am yet to unearth something I like or many aprons at all.  I have found plenty of cute ones for kids, which of course I will do a feature on.

So if anyone knows of anyone, or make them, please spam me and save me from further public embarrassment when I leave the house.

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