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With the warmer weather occurring in a lot of areas, it is difficult to dress your baby in something cool, yet much funkier than a plastic nappy and plain singlet.  This is probably where my attraction to Modern Cloth Nappies came from, something I could dress my baby in that looked good and yet still keep him cool (yes, I am sorry, my reasons for going to cloth nappies was not an environmental nor choice one, it was purely a fashion one).

So today I thought I would have a look around as some handmade singlets to keep baby cool on those hot summer days and surprisingly I struggled to find a lot of different things out there.


Dot singlet and Bloomers available on Made it by Wild Things of Noosa.   Bloomers are a great you can cover up that pesky nappy and they are cool and comfy for your baby.


The very cute short set is this Olive Rose short set from Ollie Rose.


This Vintage Flower Tank top is by Inretrospect.


A tank top with a difference is this crocheted sleeve top from Ivy Designs.  Featuring a cute little button, it is simple yet very sweet.

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Even though I have boys, I have always had a “thing” for little girls clothes.  I even have to admit we once dressed my eldest son up to look like a girl for some fun :).  I am always looking at little girls clothing I just can’t help myself and at the moment, one of my favourite items is tunic tops.


Ivy Designs would have to make the cutest tunics I have come across.  This particular one is the Bloom Tunic in Terracotta Bird.  They have a great eye for fabulous fabrics.


If you are looking for a bib that doesn’t look like a bib, then how about one of Ivy Design’s Bandana Bibs.  Your baby is bound to be the coolest at playgroup sporting one of these.


As well as gorgeous clothing you will even find some hair accessories and jewellery.

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Recently I came across the Made it store of Badskirt.  I was instantly drawn to the name and wanted to check it out, and when I did I discovered some cute softies.


These kiwi birds are just too cool.  Not only are they a unique design, but they are in lovely bright funky colours as well.


Cloth blocks are a great toy for babies.  Nice and squishy they are great for them to touch and feel.  I know my baby would love throwing these around.


These little dachshunds are another gorgeous little character that Badskirt has created and they are ever so cute!

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Bunting, flags and garlands are a fantastic and inexpensive way of decorating a child’s room.  Designs and styles are endless and they look great on a wall or across a window.


Made It seller Zippy Zippy even has a cool range of name garlands.  Perfect for that room, or you could even have one custom made for a birthday party.


Don’t forget to check out Jacqueline’s store on Made it to see the great variety.


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