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You just have to go and visit Pants for Kids and have a play, it is such a great and different site when choosing a pair of pants for your kids. Pants for Kids is the creation of Queensland Mum, Amanda. 

You pick your style and then off you go to pick your choice of fabric and then you see your end result.  It is a great site as it is different from all the rest and for some reason I just have to keep on clicking to see all the styles. 

And of course it has some funky pairs of shorts and pants.

prod23-2 prod82-2




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Pre-children I was never a huge follower of fashion (although I have to admit, I did follow the ra ra skirt & elastic belt craze), however after having my children I started to take an interest all those gorgeous things available for kids.

Then I discovered the online shopping for kids world a few years ago.  I also discovered just how many talented and unique things there are out there for kids that are handmade.

When mentioning handmade a lot of people tend to think of the items your mum may have made you as a child when she refused to buy you that expensive label item – I can remember my mum telling me should would get a Billabong label and sew it on another shirt once and I wouldn’t even know the difference 🙂

So if you know of anyone who is a crafter of handmade, please send me a link or let them know about this blog. 

If it is Australian made and made for kids, then I would love to feature it.

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