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There are a few things that I simply cannot resist for children, I am not sure what it is about them, but I am instantly drawn to beautiful pj’s, sweet shoes and beautiful bed linen. 

Tonight I have came across this particular set and  I had an ohhhh I need another baby so I can have that moment.


This set is by Tiny and Little a store on Etsy devoted to bedding and accessories for those little ones in our life.  There is a lovely variety available of quilts and plush blankets in designs far from the boring pastels or licenced character prints of chain stores.

I honestly don’t think I have the strength to resist it,  as it is on sale as well, so nobody go and buy it before I manage to talk myself into it. 

So another one to add to the list when planning your nursery is Tiny & Little.


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 Kuti Babies is a new online store that specialises in making the very cute Kuticoons.    Kuticoons are the creation of two mums, Tina & Kristi and they are a fantastic alternative to a traditional wrap.

Hmm I wonder, do they come in adult sizes they look so snuggly?

I recently spent 5 minutes chatting to Tina and here is what she had to say:

What inspired you to start your business?

When having our babies at the hospital we put our brand them in the cocoon and various Doctors, midwives and visitors commented saying how it was a fabulous idea.  A  few months after having a babies and finding we were still getting comments out and about and the fact our babies were still using them,  we thought we should do something about that and thus we started Kuti Babies.  We both love making them so it was a natural choice for us!
What was your first sale?
Our first sale was through Ebay.  We thought we would test the waters and we were really happy to find that people actually buy them. We also received some brilliant feedback on the cocoon .  We were so happy! 
What is your biggest seller?
The Cocoons are our best item, they are unique, practicle, comfy and fashionable!
What item couldn’t you live without?
These days it would be my sewing machine and my knitting tools for the cocoons.  This is how I relax at night, making these beautiful cocoons, I love seeing the end product.
What is on your christmas wish list this year? 
All I want this year is to see my children happy and healthy!… maybe a few scrapbooking items kicked in would also do the trick! 🙂

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