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One Red Robinis another totally divine Australian store on Etsy who make gorgeous toys.  The detailing and artistic creation that goes into making these is amazing, I think I could stare at them all day.  How would you ever choose which one you wanted to take home.

One Red Robin is the creation of Jhoanna, and from the sounds of her bio on her site One Red Robin, is one very busy mum.

If you are looking for a very special handmade gift then I think these would make an outstanding one.


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You may remember in my post on the shop Hello Dollies I mentioned the store Kate Doodlez and I have finally gotten a chance to go back and revisit it.


Why do I like it?   Because it is the store of a 10 year old cartoonist named Kate.  I love it that a young girl has taken the initiative and opened up a shop to allow others to enjoy her work as much as she loves creating them.  And how can you resist her shop byline: 

Thankyou for visiting KateDoodlez. I am a 10 year old cartoonist, and I enjoy using different mediums when being creative. I am going to be a famous cartoonist when I grow up, and if you buy one of my original artworks you can be rich when I become famous!!”

I can only hope that one day my children have the get up and go to follow their dreams like Kate has done. 

You can keep up to date at Kate’s blog HERE


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Many months ago I came across some examples of Japanese Felt Food and was quite amazed.  So amazed I decided I could make my own.  This resulted in buying some felt getting a pattern and attempting a sandwich.  My tomato slice wasn’t too bad, but my lettuce was deformed and I decided it was not quite so easy after all.

I really like felt food.  It is a fantastic alternative to plastic food toys for the kids, so much nicer to give them a lovely handmade set of felt food to encourage imaginative play than some plastic junk for the shop.

Sam McLean is one of those clever people out there who can make felt food, and she has some fantastic items in her Etsy shop, in fact checking them out did make me every hungry.


Here is my five minutes with Sam:

What inspired you to start your business?
I have always sewn and created, mostly for myself and my girls, and I began with some ladies clothes in the shop. Then last Christmas I made some felt food toys for my nieces and they loved them. I made some for my Etsy shop and they have been so successful that the clothes got moved to a second Etsy shop, Retrology.
What was your first sale?
I sold a ladies Blue Willow pattern skirt last January (the fabric was from a tablecloth).
What is your biggest seller?
I have a few items that sell well. Coming up to Christmas the jar of felt strawberries has been very popular, along with the jar of berries with the pot of cream. The meal sets (taco, burrito, fish dinner etc) also sell well.
What item couldn’t you live without?
That has to be my little old faithful Janome sewing machine. I use it every day and it’s never let me down. This new year I will be treating it to a service!
What is on your christmas wish list this year?
Hmm, I seem to be well set up, but we just bought a 1960’s teak frame lounge suite on Ebay that needs re-covering. That will be a nice Christmas / birthday / New Years gift for me! I also revamped my studio this year, so I guess you could say that Santa came early to me. Just to have a relaxing Christmas day with our families and remembering what Christmas is really about is my wish.



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I am very pleased to announce that I found a lovely Australian apron store Wonderland Avenue on Etsy and have on it’s way this very cute number. 

Now my days of going to school with flower handprints on my pants are limited.


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The sweetest little characters live in a shop on Etsy called Poppy Lane

Bears, cows, birds and even a cute tree rattle are the creation of of Kali in her little studio in Tasmania.  These sofites are bound to delight your little one with the gorgeous array of fabrics and Kali’s unique designs.

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If you have never seen Flying Star Toys you are missing out.


Etsy Shop Flying Star Toys has an absolutely devine range of handmade toys such as Picabu Elephant & Molehill Mouse as pictured above.  Each character has its own special little tale to tell.


Night Night Mushrooms

Florence Forrest is the Brisbane based creator of Flying Star Toys. Her work is a gorgeous peice of artowrk that you will treasure forever and the tales of her characters will enchant you as you read them.  Flying Star Toys is one of my favourite Etsy shops.


Silver Gull – Coastal Bird

Make sure you visit the store, I am sure you will be as enchanted with the toys as I was.


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Being that it is a public holiday in Western Australia today and the television is lacking in interesting programs tonight, it was time I went on the search again for some unique and gorgeous finds.  And here is what I found tonight.


Here are a pair of funky shorts from Pinna 4 Piper‘s Etsy Shop.  Made from funky Alexander Henry fabric they are a great retro short for boys.


If you are looking for something truly unique then I suggest you visit the Etsy store of Ogekko.  With a love of traditional, ethnic and natural fibres they have created a funky range of clothing for girls and boys.


Avonlea Designs create a gorgeous range of bibs such as this cute birdie baby bib.  As well as some lovely bibs you will even find something handy for mum.


This cute little dress is the Butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth dress by Made by Miffy.  In gorgeous green ginger blossom fabric it is a nice change from the usual pinks.


Poss Bloss also create a gorgeous range of bibs such as this beautiful laminated bib.  They also have a great range of long sleeved bibs if you are looking for extra coverage.


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