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To get the ball rolling, I would like to introduce you to Knitspirations .  These booties are fantastic, and as the owner of a couple of pairs, I can definately recommend them.  You can find some of Jen’s booties on WAHmania.

How snuggly does this scarf look?  By Etsy seller Artish it is definately a unique little scarf, it even has little “hello kitty” beads knitted into it.

Shazza from Shazza’s Knits also does some great works and I found this flapper style hat on Made It , a great place to buy handmade Australian items.





Here is a selection of more knitted goodies, all found on Made It which is a treasure trove for these goodies.

Left to Right – Pompomfrieda Booties, Sheeps Clothing Beanie, Tilly the Pig by Mydogzac, Belkemp Knitted Pinafores


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