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Recently I came across the Made it store of Badskirt.  I was instantly drawn to the name and wanted to check it out, and when I did I discovered some cute softies.


These kiwi birds are just too cool.  Not only are they a unique design, but they are in lovely bright funky colours as well.


Cloth blocks are a great toy for babies.  Nice and squishy they are great for them to touch and feel.  I know my baby would love throwing these around.


These little dachshunds are another gorgeous little character that Badskirt has created and they are ever so cute!


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Here is a funky little guy I discovered on Etsy.  By seller delacy he is a cool doll for Christmas.

Another talented Etsy softie maker is neverenoughhours and her fish and animals are very funky.  Even better, she makes Australian animals, perfect if you are looking for an overseas present.


You can even find things just for boys such as this cute little indian by Red Wagon.

Another cute doll with a difference are these Babushka Dolls by Ollie Rose.

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