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1.   Grandy and Baa      2. Bettsy Kingston   3.  My Little Ferrets   4.   Thula Thula


Head over to Kookie Kids to grab an entry in a lovely little competition to win some absolutely devine soap Inner Earth Soaps.


I will have to come back and blog about them, as it all look so delicious and lovely the store deserves its own feature I think :).

I simply adore handmade soaps, so am off to purchase some to try for myself – hmmm what to choose.


Oh dear, I have discovered another delightful store selling dolls, and how lovely are these raggidy rag dolls?  I think I could easily get an addiction to these types of dolls.  Maybe I could kick the man of the houses signed football and other gaff out of our display cabinent and fill it up with cute dolls?



As well as these super cute dolls, you will also find some gorgeous t-shirts featuring the doll designs.


Check out Raggidy Rag Dolls for some more lovely creations.



How cool are these paper chains, certainly a world away from the daggy ones I made as a child.

Paperklip Design is a small Australian company creating beautiful things from paper. Based on the concept of Danish paper-cutting, they specialise in decorative paper chains for children’s rooms, gift tags, traditional paper Christmas decorations and custom shop signage.

Each piece is hand-cut and the paper hand selected from a delightful range of decorative papers.

For some gorgeous decorating ideas I recommend giving Paperklip Design a visit.  On their site you can find a page of stockists.




1. Vidastyle    2.  EmBelISH Hairclips     3.  Little Red Bear     4. Jetta’s Nest

Happy Australia Day!

In celebration of Australia Day, here are a few handmade finds that are very “Australian”


1.   Kurrajong Aboriginal Products Aboriginal Elder Doll

2.  Ollie Rose Kangaroo Onesie

3.   Urchin Designs Boy Thong Shirt

4.  Ponz Handknitted Koala Bears

Friday Quick Finds


 1.   Please Eloise      2.  Little Babushkas      3.  Vintage Vibes        4.  Vintage Chenille



One Red Robinis another totally divine Australian store on Etsy who make gorgeous toys.  The detailing and artistic creation that goes into making these is amazing, I think I could stare at them all day.  How would you ever choose which one you wanted to take home.

One Red Robin is the creation of Jhoanna, and from the sounds of her bio on her site One Red Robin, is one very busy mum.

If you are looking for a very special handmade gift then I think these would make an outstanding one.