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There is a little bit of a perception that WA people are a behind the times and a bit backward.  We don’t have extended trading hours and are trialling daylight savings and seem to be in the middle of nowhere:).

But I think if you go along to the next Perth Upmarket, any ideas that we are backward will be dispelled.  There is an amazing wealth of talented Perth and WA artists and they will be showcasing their wares at the next Perth Upmarket

With over 65 retailers the range is outstanding, artwork, jewellery, clothing designers and even cupcakes (now if cupcakes is not the best reason to go, I don’t know what is).

Some of the fantastic designs for kids you can find are:

olibdesigns  ticketybookids  stuffaduck_1 lollydandy

These are just a tiny selection of all the retailers  CLICK HERE TO SEE FULL LIST

You can keep up to date with all things Perth Upmarket at the Perth Upmarket Blog.


Whilst doing this post I realised that I will be in the “big smoke” on this weekend, so I hope to see you there.  I cannot wait to check out all these great things.  Hmmm might be wise to leave the credit card behind.

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Made by Miffy has a brand spanking new store online.  So now you now have two places you can shop when looking for these gorgeous items, Made by Miffy  and the Etsy Store.


In store you can find a large selection of groovy boardshorts for boys in a range of sizes and fabrics including some for bigger kids as well, which is fantastic as the older kids tend to get a bit neglected.

img_4153-400-x-400   img_4164-400-x-400

Mix these with a cool shirt and you have one of the funkiest boys around, bound to upstage all the other kids in the playground in his cool shorts.


It is no secret I love black on kids, and black and white is always a great combination.  Black stands out from the rest and with so many great fabrics now days to choose from, you can still have the girly element whilst being funky.  And the best thing about black?  It just doesn’t show the mess.

The capri  set shown above captures that girly but funky element. It is currently available on the Etsy Store, but Louise tells me she is uploading lots of new products to her site as we speak.


Whilst having a look at Made by Miffy, don’t miss out on all the new new dresses as well, in a few different styles, they will be perfect for summer.  The dress pictured above is the Butter wouldn’t melt in your mouth dress which you can currently in the Etsy Store

As Made by Miffy’s creator Louise says “In Miffy’s world, handmade is super cool! Mass produced is out! Made by Miffy designs are fun, colourful & easy, for care & wear.   Using quality fabrics from US, Japanese and European fabric designers, every item is made with a little love and a lot of flair right here in Brisbane Australia.”


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