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Tonight I decided to indulge in a glass of wine and so that is my inspiration for my blog post.  I am not sure what happened, but since having my first baby my hormones went crazy and I really struggled to enjoy a glass of wine without a massive headache following, it would only take a few sips for the effects to happen with many.  And so I discovered organic wine. 

I came across Settlers Ridge many years ago when we were on a holiday in the fabulous Margaret River region in WA and we drove past the store in a little town and I made the man of the house come to a screeching halt and turn around so I could go back and sample organic wine (we had the same incident when we passed the cheese factory, oh and the chocolate factory, lolly shop – you get the picture).

Organic and non preservative free wine means I can enjoy a glass without a blinding headache and so hence are are some things red and white in celebration of wine.


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Buttons by Lou Lou is an adorable Etsy store, featuring, well, buttons of course.  But not only buttons, you can find hair accessories and some other bits and bobs.


What started as intrigue in how fabric covered buttons were made, and making gift ideas for children,  has now developed into a gorgeous business.  Lou chooses some lovely fabrics to make her accessories from and the result is some unique items that you won’t find readily available just anywhere.


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Besides getting an early start on my Christmas shopping, I am one of those people that loathe anything to do with Christmas until December.  In the newsagents the other day I saw the cover of Better Homes & Gardens Magazine and felt a little decorating pang.



I always buy these magazines, thinking ohhhh I can make that.  I came across the very cute colour Christmas wreath and thought yeah that would be cool, read the instructions, found out I need to cut out at least 40 odd butterflies and my interest was lost at that point.  I love handmade items, just not those made by me 🙂

So this year why not give a gift that is truly unique and choose a handmade one.  If you are clever unlike me, why not something you have made, or how about something by someone else who is clever.

Here are few of my favourite picks to pop under the tree this year at Christmas just to get your started.


brick-taggy redwagonblocks  two-little-banshees 1 Ollie Rose Taggy Giraffe   2  Red Wagon Wooden Blocks    3 Two Little Banshees Wombat



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Since popping Handmade Kids on the Top 100 WAHM sites of Australia list I have not had a chance to have a look around and browse some of the other stores that are on the list, today I finally manged a quick look.

I had intended to feature everyone that had handmade items for kids, but once I started click there were quite a few more than I realised, so I have just picked a few to show you today.


Chantilly Bowtique is the home of handmade hair accessories, you will find everything from bows to headbands, including this one which perfect for Christmas.


All You Need stock a big range of handmade items, including their own label TikiBoo Kids.  I was trying to choose what my pic would be when I came across this sweet Christmas skirt, so just had to pop it in.  But I just have to include something else as there are so many sweet outfits as well.


This is the Cha-Cha Dress in Waterlily Pink from All You Need.



Boodabubs are another online store selling handmade children’s clothing and this Maui summer set would be a great one for the little grommet at heart.


My Little Tees creates a range of cute personalised shirts. 



At Knitspirations you will find the cutest little booties.


Kidz Funky Designs is another store that specialises in hair accessories for your little one.

I know I have not featured everyone, so if you missed out and would like a mention, please let me know, otherwise it might be some time before I pop back again for another look at Top 100 WAHM sites of Australia.

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