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You may remember in my post on the shop Hello Dollies I mentioned the store Kate Doodlez and I have finally gotten a chance to go back and revisit it.


Why do I like it?   Because it is the store of a 10 year old cartoonist named Kate.  I love it that a young girl has taken the initiative and opened up a shop to allow others to enjoy her work as much as she loves creating them.  And how can you resist her shop byline: 

Thankyou for visiting KateDoodlez. I am a 10 year old cartoonist, and I enjoy using different mediums when being creative. I am going to be a famous cartoonist when I grow up, and if you buy one of my original artworks you can be rich when I become famous!!”

I can only hope that one day my children have the get up and go to follow their dreams like Kate has done. 

You can keep up to date at Kate’s blog HERE



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No I have not been drooling over the girls rooms on Pottery Barn again, this time I have been looking at Rate my Space for inspiration and ideas for decorating my children’s rooms.   Somehow I am way laid by the nursery section and the cuteness that abounds.


I came across Happy Canvas, Hip Kid Art recently, I have not had a chance to have a good look yet as they are temporarily closed over the Christmas period, however what I saw on the front page was impressive, and I can’t wait to see the rest of their work.


Holly Chic are one of the few places I have been able to find gorgeous handmade bedding for children that is not Whinnie the Poo and the likes.  They are a New Zealand brand and have a store on Etsy and their own site www.hollychick.nz.com.  In choices of gorgeous designer fabrics, you are bound to find something you like.


Almond Tree Frames create this gorgeous keepsakes to celebrate your babies arrival.


Cot Couture are another amazing place that makes exciting cot sets.  There is a gorgeous eclectic range of designer fabrics to choose from and matching accessories.

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1.  Bubala    2.  Printspace   3.  Oli B Designs    4.  Vintage Chenille   5.   Ollie Rose  6. Little and Big K   7.  Please Eloise    8.  MySoti    9.  Bluebies    10.   Inretrospect      11.  Pearl Dragon  12.  Pedrosprout

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Besides getting an early start on my Christmas shopping, I am one of those people that loathe anything to do with Christmas until December.  In the newsagents the other day I saw the cover of Better Homes & Gardens Magazine and felt a little decorating pang.



I always buy these magazines, thinking ohhhh I can make that.  I came across the very cute colour Christmas wreath and thought yeah that would be cool, read the instructions, found out I need to cut out at least 40 odd butterflies and my interest was lost at that point.  I love handmade items, just not those made by me 🙂

So this year why not give a gift that is truly unique and choose a handmade one.  If you are clever unlike me, why not something you have made, or how about something by someone else who is clever.

Here are few of my favourite picks to pop under the tree this year at Christmas just to get your started.


brick-taggy redwagonblocks  two-little-banshees 1 Ollie Rose Taggy Giraffe   2  Red Wagon Wooden Blocks    3 Two Little Banshees Wombat



julie-ramsdensiri    bookmark


Julie Ramsden Soft Bot   2  Siri Hairclips  3  Crackers Art Bookmark


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If you are looking for bright and colourful artwork and stationary then I don’t think you can go past Crackers Art.  

Upon entering Crackers Art site you will find a fun and fabulous place to explore.

Sarah creates a really vibrant and fun range of paintings.  There are so many designs, colours and animals available it is certainly hard to choose only a few.

owlgreenfairy_painting_lg bluebunnymini_lg

These notebooks would be the perfect little gift to pop in a party bag or in the Christmas stocking this year and you can even team it up with a matching magnet or bookmark.


And even better some of those cute little characters are also available as plushie toys.


You can keep up to date at what is happening in Crackerland at Sarah’s blog.

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