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I had to pick my son up tonight from “the bull ring”. It is harvest time here and so he went for a run in the truck with his dad.  So “the bull ring” is my inspiration for tonight.

I am a country girl at heart, had a thing for cowboys (and yes for a short time even dated one who did the whole rodeo thing) and always wanted chickens and a vegie garden.   I have my chickens and my moderately successful vegie garden, which is probably more food for chickens than my family.  Thankfully I don’t have the cowboy anymore.

So here are a few things “a little bit country” 


The very cute retro rodeo bucket hat from Vintage Kid, where you will find a selection of very cute “cowboy” things including, bibs, aprons and bloomers.


It doesn’t come much more rodeo than this checked cowboy shirtwith 1950’s patch by Samibop


How cute are these dolls by Red Wagon?  Now I could spend all day going on about The Red Wagon.  I absolutely adore their vintage feel items, how am I ever going to pick only a few to show you?


Very retro birthday invitations for the budding cowboy, also from The Red Wagon.


A sweet summer bloomer set for little boys by Ollie Rose.


At Crab Apple Bedding you can find this cute little cot set featuring the “lil cowpokes” fabric.


I have featured this dress before in one of my daily finds, but just had to again as it is just so darn cute.  It is the cowgirl dress by Little Brown Mouse.


Also from Little Brown Mouse is these sweet vintage cowboy overalls.



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This week I have come across some fantastic items, so keep an eye out over the next fews, but here is a quick look at some of my favourites:


1. Pedrosprout    2. Heart on your Sleeve   3. Little Brown Mouse

4.  Isoki 5.  Dan300  6. La la Baby  7. La la baby  8.  Little Brown Mouse

9. Ollie Rose 

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